Thisbe & Noah’s Promise Park:
A Playground for All

At the Nashville Zoo, Thisbe & Noah custom designed and built an all-inclusive playground for ALL children, called Thisbe & Noah’s Promise Park.

All-inclusive playgrounds:
• Prevent Isolation in children with disabilities
• Foster Empathy and Compassion
• Encourage Philanthropy and more

The best part is that Promise Park has equipment designed for children with and without disabilities, promoting side-by-side play.

Promise Park is OPEN!

The park’s design incorporates pieces of equipment for all types of disabilities and needs, including:
Autism • Cochlear implants • Leg braces • Children in wheelchairs • Sensory disorders

“Since my children’s disease had them each bear dozens of different disabilities in one little body, I was able to navigate the design of the playground through their eyes so that what we create in Promise Park is the type of place where we aspire for every child to find pockets of sheer delight and where each can ‘climb’ to the top of the treehouse, whether on wheels or legs — so that no child will be left at the bottom, wishing.”

— Laurian Scott, Co-Founder of Thisbe & Noah

About Thisbe & Noah

Laurian and John Scott established Thisbe & Noah in 2010, bearing the names of their two children who died of a neurological disease. Its mission is to improve lives by promoting research, awareness and support for children with neurological diseases. Since its founding, the organization has worked tirelessly to “fill the holes” the Scotts experienced in the quality of medical and communal care for their terminally ill children.